2022.06.02 Greetings on Appointment

2022.05.31 Greetings on Resignation

2022.05.31 The 22nd General Meeting Held

2022.05.17 To Foreign Residents from Inzai City

2022.04.15 Ribbon Learners Receive Food Assistance

2022.04.13 Inzai World Fest 2022" Held

2022.03.07 A mini lecture on the Kingdom of Tonga held at the February Friendship Cafe

2022.02.25 Inzai World Fest 2022

2022.02.25 To Foreign Residents from Inzai City

2022.02.15 Special Contribution by Chairperson "Disaster Relief for Tonga"

2022.01.24 January Friendship Cafe Cancelled and February Friendship Cafe Presentation on the Kingdom of Tonga

2022.01.24 To Foreign Residents from Inzai City

2022.01.11 The December Friendship Cafe became a fun event in the Christmas feeling!

2021.12.16 To Foreign Residents from Inzai City

2021.12.11 Lecture Session Commemorating our 20th Anniversary Was Held

2021.11.22 Ribbon Learners Participate as Instructors in Cross-Cultural Understanding Class at Takino Elementary School

2021.11.10 Invitation to the 20th Anniversary Lecture Session

2021.11.02 Reopening of Friendship Cafe

2021.10.25 International Exchange Event “Goodwill Outing 2021” Held

2021.09.14 Notice of Relocation of Our Office

2021.08.04 Participation in the “English Academy Hop & Step” Program

2021.06.14 Japanese Language Supporter Training Course Begins

2021.06.04 The Ribbon’s Staff Meeting for 2021FY

2021.05.27 The 21st Annual General Meeting was held!

2021.04.30 Japanese Class RIBBON / Change of the Venue for Saturday Class

2021.04.22 Our Bulletin Hiroba 23rd Issue Published

2021.04.01 INZAI NEWSLETTER「For Foreign Residents」

2021.01.12 Friendship Cafe Being Cancelled

2020.11.24 Students of the Ribbon Participate in the Seminar for Elementary School Students

2020.11.24 Donation of Rice and Foodstuff to TCU

2020.11.03 Participating in Inzai Civic Culture Festival

2020.10.06 Learners of “Ribbon” Attended the Meeting with Inzai City

2020.10.05 Participated in Kioroshi-Eki Minami Antique Market

2020.10.05 Friendship Cafe reopened

2020.09.29 Our Latest Bulletin Issued

2020.09.14 Friendship Cafe will be held again on Sept. 24

2020.07.27 We Donated Rice to Tokyo Christian University

2020.06.15 INZAI NEWSLETTER「For Foreign Residents」

Regarding COVID-19

How are you, foreign residents? For your information, the Council of Local Authorities for International Relations (CLAIR) is providing information regarding COVID-19 in various languages at their site(

Let's overcome this difficult time together!

2020.04.13 Cancellation of Friendship Cafe

2020.04.09 Activities Plan for 2020 Fiscal Year

2020.03.30 Cancellation of Activities in April

2020.03.16 For Foreigners:Procedures for Enrollment in / Withdrawal from National Health Insurance System

2020.03.06 A Message from Chairperson on COVID-19

2020.03.05 For Foreigners:Account Transfer Convenient for Payment of Municipal Tax, etc.

2020.03.05 For Foreigners:Expansion of Counter Services at Chuo Ekimae Sub Office

2020.03.05 For Foreigners:Make Nursery Schools / Kindergartens, etc. Free of Charge ~Start in October

2020.02.19 Our friendship Cafe of February and March will not be held.

2020.02.05 We decided to halt “Inzai World Fest 2020”

2019.12.10 Participated in Dango Matsuri

2019.11.19 For Foreigners:“How to Separate and Dispose of Recyclables and Garbage”

2019.10.25 For Foreigners:Evacuate Together according to Issue of Alert Level 4!!

2019.10.03 Bus-trip to Andersen Park

2019.10.03 From Coordinator of “International Friendship Cafe”

2019.07.30 Participated in the English Training Camp for Elementary School Students

2019.07.16 Persian Cuisine Gathering

2019.06.28 From Coordinator of International Friendship Cafe

2019.05.17 For Foreigners:You can read “Information (Letter) from School” in multi-language

2019.04.01 Visit to Boso-no-mura

2019.03.15 A Presentation for our Friendship Cafe this Month

2019.02.20 For Foreigners:Living Information "Hello Chiba"

2019.02.08 A Presentation Will Be Made at Friendship Cafe of This Month

2019.01.25 Post to “The lounge for the Members”: Hello Friends

2019.01.15 For Foreigners:Information about Japanese Class “RIBBON”

2018.12.25 Inzai World Fest 2018

2018.12.17 For Foreigners:Telephone Consultation Services for Foreigners by Chiba Prefecture

2018.12.14 Participated in Dango Matsuri!

2018.12.14 From Coordinator of “International Friendship Cafe”

2018.11.16 For Foreigners:Medals for Olympic and Paralympic Games Made from Your Mobile Phone, etc. Tokyo 2020 Medal Project

2018.10.29 Participation in “Walking Kioroshi Road Again”

2018.10.17 For Foreigners: Do you know “Health Center (Hoken-Center)”?

2018.10.01 Kyudo Experience Class for Foreign People

2018.09.18 For Foreigners: Be careful of wild boars

2018.08.20 Invitation to the Class of Kyudo Experience

2018.08.13 Makinohara Festival

2018.07.31 Participated as a Volunteer Group in the Canadian Women’s National Softball Team Training Camp

2018.07.31 From Coordinator of “International Friendship Cafe”

2018.07.18 Indian Cuisine Gathering

2018.07.17 For Foreigners: Disaster Information Providing Application “Safety Tips”

2018.06.15 For Foreigners: Free Consultation Services for Foreign Residents

2018.05.15 For Foreigners: Establishment/Amendment of Symbols for Guide (Pictograms) ②

2018.04.16 For Foreigners: Send out charms of Chiba Prefecture in your native language to the world
==Call for CHI-BA+KUN Ambassadors==

2018.03.16 For Foreigners: Establishment/Amendment of Symbols for Guide (Pictograms) ①

2018.02.15 For Foreigners: Multilingual Living Information Apps

2018.02.02 Our New Year’s Party Was Held!

2018.01.15 For Foreigners: INZAI NEWSLETTER

2017.12.25 The English Training Camp for Junior High School Students

2017.12.25 Christmas Party of The Ribbon Held

2017.12.20 For Foreigners: Chiba Nanohana News

2017.11.15 For Foreigners: Points for Prevention of Infection of Influenza

2017.11.01 “INZAI WORLD FEST 2017”WAS HELD.

2017.10.20 Inzai World Fest 2017

2017.10.16 For Foreigners: Prevention of Traffic Accidents by Bicycles

2017.09.19 For Foreigners: Use your Individual Number Card (My Number Card) to get each certificate at any convenience store, etc.

2017.08.15 For Foreigners: September 1 is “Disaster Prevention Day.”

2017.08.07 ”Let's Say Hello in World's Languages!" Held

2017.07.18 For Foreigners: Free Legal Consultation for Foreigners

2017.06.26 The New Program for our Friendship Cafe, “Let’s Say Hello in World’s Languages!”

2017.06.15 For Foreigners: Free Consultation for Foreigners

2017.05.15 For Foreigners: Hometown Tax for Inzai City

2017.04.20 For Foreigners: Access the web site of Inzai City Office

2017.03.16 For Foreigners: Information about Inzai City International Friendship Association

2017.03.13 A Bus Tour for International Friendship Was Held.

2017.02.16 For Foreigners: Contact in Case of Sudden Illness (on Holidays/Nighttime or for Children)②

2017.01.17 For Foreigners: Contact in Case of Sudden Illness (on Holidays/Nighttime or for Children)①

2016.12.19 For Foreigners: In Japan, the owner of a dog is obliged to do something under laws.

2016.12.01 Participated in Dango Matsuri

2016.11.17 For Foreigners: Emergency Contact

2016.11.07 “The 1st World Festival in Inzai” Held

2016.10.17 For Foreigners: Consultation by Telephone for Foreign Residents

2016.09.15 “World Festival in Inzai”

2016.09.05 For Foreigners: Inzai Smile Marathon

2016.08.23 Our Office Will Move on Sept., 1, 2016.

2016.08.18 General Meeting of the Ribbon held.

2016.08.02 Moving Sales of Crops, etc.

2016.07.04 “Marugoto e! Chiba - Official Website of Chiba Prefectural Tourism & Local Products-”

2016.06.27 Annual Cooking Party Held

2016.05.30 From Coordinator of “International Friendship Cafe”

2016.05.19 Special Event “Rice Planting with Japanese Families”

2016.05.17 Presentation on the Japanese Garden at International Friendship Cafe

2016.05.09 Renewal of the Leaflet(“How to separate and dispose of Recyclable resources and garbage”)

2016.04.12 To Foreign Residents from Inzai City: How to pay Municipal Taxes(part3)

2016.04.01 Post to “The lounge for the Members”: Fellowship in language

2016.04.01 Revised “Message from the Chairman”

2016.03.28 To Foreign Residents from Inzai City: How to pay Municipal Taxes(part2)

2016.03.14 To Foreign Residents from Inzai City: How to pay Municipal Taxes(part1)

2016.03.10 To Foreign Residents from Inzai City: Garbage Separation 8

2016.02.29 To Foreign Residents from Inzai City: Garbage Separation 7

2016.02.25 Post to “Lounge for the Members”: February 29th in leap year

2016.02.08 To Foreign Residents from Inzai City: Garbage Separation 6

2016.01.28 Post to “Lounge for the Members”: Happening in Xian, China