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(2022.05.31)The 22nd General Meeting Held

On May 21, 2022, our 22nd General Meeting was held at the Omori Machizukuri Kaikan in Inzai City.

At the meeting, all the activity reports, financial statements, and accounting reports for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2022, as well as the business plan for the fiscal year ending March 2023, were approved.

This year marked the reelection of officers, and Hisao Yoshihara retired as chairperson, Shoji Bando was elected as the new chairperson, and four new officers were also elected.

In this fiscal year, we will continue to actively engage in exchange activities while paying close attention to countermeasures against infectious diseases.

During the Q&A session, we received a comment that we should do more to promote activities to high school and university students. We will continue to hold events that are easily accessible to students and other young people.

(2022.04.15)Ribbon Learners Receive Food Assistance

On April 13, we donated 50 servings each of alpha rice donated by Food Bank ISS to two young men from Burkina Faso studying at our Japanese language class Ribbon.

We hope that the two young men will continue to work hard to learn Japanese.

We also deeply appreciate the generosity of Foodbank ISS.

(2022.04.13)Inzai World Fest 2022" Held

"Inzai World Fest 2022," our international exchange event which was held on March 26, after cancellation since 2020, was a great success with 68 participants, including foreigners from 11 countries and regions. At the beginning of the event, participants prayed for world peace and observed a moment of silence, after which they enjoyed Japanese and foreign songs and dances. Thai dances led by foreign students from Tokyo Christian University, Jerusalema dance, which is now very popular around the world, and Inzai Ondo, in which all participants danced in a circle. Participants also enjoyed the depth of each culture through a gorgeous Uyghur folk dance and a demonstration of the Japanese martial art of iaido.

The event was introduced on Cable Net 296's "296 News" on March 30 at 8:00 p.m.

(2022.03.07)A mini lecture on the Kingdom of Tonga held at the February Friendship Cafe

On January 15 of this year, Tonga was devastated by an undersea volcanic eruption and tsunami. As an emergency project, we held a mini lecture on the Kingdom of Tonga at the Friendship Café on February 24.

The title of the lecture was "Nature and Life in the Kingdom of Tonga: Damage Recovery from Volcanic Eruption and Corona Response" and the lecturer was Mr. Hisao Yoshihara, Chairperson of our Association, who, as a former JICA senior volunteer, worked for two years at the Ministry of Agriculture in Tonga to promote export of agricultural products.

Using PP, Mr. Yoshihara explained in detail about Tonga's rich natural environment and the lives, clothing, and shelter of the people living there, as well as the damage to infrastructure caused by the ash fall and tsunami resulting from the volcanic eruption, especially food and water shortages. Mr. Yoshihara also introduced the latest information of his friends such as high-ranking officials of the Ministry of Agriculture and business leaders.

Mr. Yoshihara also expressed his passionate belief that Tonga is a country that supported Japan after the Great East Japan Earthquake, and that it is time for us to return the favor. About 20 people attended the event, including a lady who worked for the Tongan Ministry of Health as a nurse in JICA's Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers (JOCV) and another lady who visited Tonga about 50 years ago and was deeply moved by the kindness of the people.

(2022.02.25)Inzai World Fest 2022

We are pleased to announce that we will be holding our international exchange event, Inzai World Fest, which has not been held since December, 2018. This year's "Inzai World Fest 2022" will be a hopeful gathering where Japanese and non-Japanese citizens can meet each other and regain their energy and vitality for tomorrow overcoming the present tough situation of Corona.

We are planning a fun program in which everyone can participate in singing songs and dancing around the world.

We are also looking for voluntary performers for the event.

Please let us know the type and content of your performance and the number of participants when you apply.

Date: Saturday, March 26, 10:30 a.m. to noon

Place: Inzai City Central Community Center (3934 Omori)

Contents: Song and dance performances by Japanese and foreign-born citizens.
(No meals will be served but a small present will be given to each participant)

Fee: Association members 300 yen, general 500 yen, free for elementary school students and younger

Capacity: 50 people on a first-come, first-served basis

Deadline: Saturday, March 19

How to apply: by mail or call 070-5519-1661

Please note that this event may be cancelled depending on the status of corona infection.

(2022.02.15)Disaster Relief for Tonga

Special Contribution

Disaster Relief for Tonga

On January 15 this year, an underwater volcano erupted in the sea near Tonga, causing volcanic ash fall and a tsunami. Fortunately, the death toll was low at only three.

However, infrastructure such as electricity, water, telephone, internet, airports, ports, roads, public buildings, private houses and farms have been severely damaged. Reportedly, drinking water and food shortages are hindering daily life. I hope for the earliest possible recovery.

The Japanese government has delivered drinking water and equipment by the Self-Defense Force's transport aircraft, and relief supplies are being delivered by the transport vessel Ohsumi. Foreign countries such as New Zealand, Australia, Southern Pacific neighbor countries, UK, China, the United States, and the EU have begun to provide support.

Meanwhile, regarding the new corona infection, Tonga has only found one case at the airport in these two years. Tonga apparently has been able to contain the outbreak. However, in early February this year, when relief supplies were unloaded at the port, a dock worker was infected with the new corona omicron strain, which might have spread to his family and then to the rest of the city. As of February 14, the number of infected people has exceeded 100.

Tonga is now facing a difficult time due to the damage from the volcanic eruption, the response to the corona infection, and the cyclone during the rainy season. It is my desire that it can overcome this national crisis.

I was dispatched to the Kingdom of Tonga as a JICA agricultural development specialist from 2010 to 2012. In 2011, when the Great East Japan Earthquake occurred in Japan and caused great damage, the Tonga Red Cross Society collected relief funds and sent them to Japan. A taro grower there suggested to send taro, which the Japanese love. I assisted in this project.

The Embassy of the Kingdom of Tonga in Japan has opened a "Donation Account". I, as the one who loves the country and people, would be very grateful if you could support this relief fundraising. 

Hisao Yoshihara Chairperson

February 14, 2022

Disaster Relief for Tonga Disaster Relief for Tonga

(2022.01.24)January Friendship Cafe Cancelled and February Friendship Cafe Presentation on the Kingdom of Tonga

Due to the rapid spread of the Omicron strain, the Friendship Cafe on the 27th of this month has been cancelled.

The February Friendship Cafe will be held on the 24th as scheduled. We are planning a presentation on the Kingdom of Tonga, which was severely damaged by the recent eruption of an underwater volcano and tsunami. The lecturer will be Mr. Hisao Yoshihara, Chairperson of the Association, who was formerly a JICA senior volunteer supporting agriculture in Tonga. By learning about the Kingdom of Tonga, which provided Japan with heartfelt support in the aftermath of the Great East Japan Earthquake, we hope to provide an opportunity to get closer to the people living there. We look forward to your participation.

Date and time: Thursday, February 24, 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Place:Shimin Katsudo Shien Center, 2nd floor, Chuo Ekimae Chiiki Koryukan Building 2

(2022.01.11)The December Friendship Cafe became a fun event in the Christmas feeling!

Our December Friendship Cafe was held on December 23 last year. On the day of the event, the venue was decorated with Christmas decorations, and James, a member of our association, made a surprise appearance dressed as Santa Claus, making the cafe full of fun and Christmas mood.

This time, as a special program, we had two young men from Burkina Faso give a presentation about their home country. Although they have only been learning Japanese for a short period of time at our Japanese Language Class "Ribbon", they did their best to introduce the geography, people, culture, etc. of Burkina Faso, an African country that is still unfamiliar to Japanese people, in Japanese.

This month's Friendship Cafe will be held at the Citizen's Activity Support Center on the second floor of the Chuo Ekimae Chiiki Koryukan Building No. 2 from 10 a.m. to noon on Thursday, January 27. It is free of charge and no reservation is required, so please feel free to join us.

Friendship Cafe Friendship Cafe Friendship Cafe

(2021.12.11)Lecture Session Commemorating our 20th Anniversary Was Held

On December 11, a lecture session to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the founding of our association was held at the Inzai City Chuo Kominkan (Central Community Center), attended by a large number of people from Inzai and other cities.

Mr. Takehana
【 Mr. Takehana 】

In the lecture titled "Nepal Himalaya Dolpo Trekking: Following the Path of Kawaguchi Ekai," Mr. Akira Takehana, a resident of Inzai City, introduced the trekking in the Dolpo region of Nepal that followed the path taken by Kawaguchi Ekai, who infiltrated Tibet, which was closed to the outside world, about 120 years ago.

Mr. Takehana explained a wide range of topics he experienced during his trek, including the scenery of Dolpo region, the people he met, and even rare alpine plants, using many photos.

After the lecture, the participants commented on how wonderful the lecture was, and it was clear that everyone enjoyed the lecture.

Lecture Session Commemorating our 20th Anniversary

On the occasion of this lecture session, Hisao Yoshihara, Chairperson of our association, expressed his gratitude as follows.

Mr. Yoshihara

Thank you very much, Mr. Takehana, for sharing your precious experience with us today. I was impressed by your curiosity, energy and stamina to traverse the trackless path followed by the explorer Kawaguchi Ekai about 120 years ago.

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to the audience, Mr. Takahira and Mr. Sakurai, managers of Inzai City, and Mr. Susumu Yamaguchi, former president of our association.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the Inzai City International Association. This is due to the understanding and cooperation of the citizens and the department in charge at the city hall, as well as the efforts of our seniors.

The association strives to make Inzai a safe and pleasant place for foreign residents to live, a place where citizens can get along well with foreign residents, and a place where elementary, junior high and high school students can become interested in foreign languages and cultures.

In the midst of the new corona infection, we will continue to actively work on the SDGs for the next 10 years, while seeking a new way of international exchange.

I would like to ask for your continued understanding and guidance in our activities, as well as your participation in our various events.

(2021.11.22)Ribbon Learners Participate as Instructors in Cross-Cultural Understanding Class at Takino Elementary School

On November 22, the learners of our Japanese Language Class "Ribbon" from China, South Korea, Taiwan, the Philippines, Vietnam, and India were invited as lecturers to a cross-cultural understanding class held by Inzai City for 5th graders of Takino Elementary School.

At the opening ceremony held in the open space on the 3rd floor of the school, the students greeted each learner in their native languages and gave them a very warm welcome.

Afterwards, the six learners were divided into three locations for presentations on their countries. They presented proudly in Japanese their own country's geography, climate, lifestyle, culture, food, school life, etc., as well as the differences between their own culture and that of Japan, showing pictures and real objects.

At the closing ceremony, the children showed their appreciation with a dance, which pleased the learners very much. With a smile, learners each shared impression as follows;

"I was nervous, but it was fun.", "I am grateful for this opportunity. I would like to do it again.", "It was fun to answer questions.", "I have been away from my country for a long time, so it was good to have this opportunity to find out about the recent situation of schools in my country.", "I would like to tell other schools about my country as well.", "After listening to presentations by everyone else, I realized that there is still a lot I don't know.”

It was a great day of learning for both the Ribbon learners and the 53 students of Takino Elementary School.

(2021.11.10)Invitation to the 20th Anniversary Lecture Session

In April this year, we, Inzai City International Friendship Association, celebrated its 20th anniversary. To commemorate this milestone, we will be holding a lecture session entitled "Trekking in the Nepal Himalayas: Following the Path of Kawaguchi Ekai.

In this lecture, Mr. Akira Takehana, a resident of Inzai City and a member of the Japanese Alpine Club, will introduce the 28-day trek that followed the path taken by Kawaguchi Ekai, a priest who infiltrated Tibet about 120 years ago.The lecture will be given in Japanese.

We look forward to your participation.

  • Date and time: Saturday, December 11, 1:30 - 3:00 p.m.
    (Registration starts at 1:00 p.m.)
  • Place: Inzai City Chuo Kominkan (3934-1 Omori, Inzai City)
  • Free of charge
  • Capacity: First 40 people
  • Application Please contact the following by e-mail or phone.

Contact: Inzai City International Friendship Association

Invitation to the 20th Anniversary Lecture Session

(2021.11.02)Reopening of Friendship Cafe

The Friendship Cafe, a place for foreign and Japanese citizens to talk, will resume this month. The schedule until January next year is as follows.

  • November 25 (Thursday),10:00 - 12:00
  • December 23 (Thursday),10:00 - 12:00
  • January 27 (Thursday), 10:00 - 12:00

Place: "Shimin Katsudo Shien Center" on the 2nd floor of the NT Chuo Ekimae Chiiki Koryukan Building 2.

We will take possible measures to protect COVID-19 infection, so please come and join us with ease.

(2021.10.25)International Exchange Event “Goodwill Outing 2021” Held

On Saturday, October 23, the previous day's rain cleared up, and our international exchange event was held.

After gathering at the Inzai City Community Exchange Center or Cultural Hall, the participants took a bus to the boat-riding site behind the Central Community Center. After donning life jackets, they boarded two boats and set off on a one-hour river tour.

After enjoying Inzai's waterfront scenery from the boats, they took the bus again to Tomi Shrine in Kobayashi. Each participant spent his or her time in the quiet precincts by offering prayers, picking up fallen gingko trees, etc.

At the nearby Dosaku burial mounds they visited next, Mr. Sugiyama, a city officer who majored in archaeology, answered questions from the participants, making the tour a bit of a study session and reminding us of the ancient times.

Afterwards, the participants went to a field near the Kobayashi Pasture to experience harvesting peanuts. The participants worked hard to pull out the peanuts and remove the hulls, not caring about getting their hands and clothes dirty in the muddy soil from the previous day's rain.

After harvesting peanuts, the participants moved to the Vitra Farm, where they enjoyed an exchange party with lunch made with ingredients produced in Inzai, musical performance, playing quizzes and self-introductions by each participant.

It was a very meaningful day where we were able to deepen our friendship with many people.

Foreign citizens from China, South Korea, Mexico, the United States, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Thailand, the Philippines and Taiwan participated in this gathering.

(2021.08.04)Participation in the “English Academy Hop & Step” Program

On July 29 and 30, six volunteers from our association participated in the "English Academy Hop & Step" organized by the Inzai City Board of Education for elementary school students, as assistants to make the program run smoothly.

The volunteers had a valuable time with about 120 students ranging from 3rd to 6th grade who participated in this program on both days.

We hope that they will take the opportunity to further develop their interest in English and use their language skills to enjoy interacting with people from other countries in the future.

(2021.06.14)Japanese Language Supporter Training Course Begins

On June 11, the first session of the "Japanese Language Supporter Training Course," organized by Inzai City and supported by the Inzai City International Friendship Association, was held. The lecturer was Ms. Eri Mannami, a start-up programmer of the Agency for Cultural Affairs' Japanese Language Education Project for Foreign Residents.

Because of the Corona disaster, the course was held online, but the participants not only listened to the lecture, but also discussed in small groups and wrote their own opinions in the chat room, exchanging opinions.

The staff of our Japanese Language Class "Ribbon" participated as helpers and studied together with the students.

The second session will be held on June 25.

(2021.06.04) The Ribbon’s Staff Meeting for 2021FY

The staff meeting for the fiscal year of 2021 of our Japanese language class “Ribbon” was held on June 2 at the Chuo Ekimae Chiiki Koryukan Building 1.

The meeting was attended by a total of 17 new and current staff members of the classes on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday, who had not seen each other in a while due to COVID-19.

In the first half of the meeting, the activities and financial reports for the previous year were presented, followed by the proposed activity plan and budget for the current year, which were approved. In addition, the operating rules were reconfirmed, and also the number of students in country-wise and staff attending to each class as of May was reported.

In the latter half of the meeting, all the new staff members introduced themselves in order and shared their aspirations for the future of the Japanese language class.

(2021.05.27)The 21st Annual General Meeting was held!

On May 22, the 21st Annual General Meeting was held at the Omori Machizukuri Kaikan in Inzai City. In the midst of the corona disaster, most of the members attended by proxy, but all the agenda items including last year's activity report, this year's activity plan and financial report were approved. Thank you very much for your support. We would also like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all the members who came to the venue. All the directors and officers will continue to work together to manage the association this year.

The following is the greetings from the Chairperson at the general meeting.

Greetings from the Chairman

Hisao Yoshihara

I would like to offer a few words of greeting.

Thank you very much for taking time out of your busy schedule to attend the 2021 Annual General Meeting today.

Our association was established in April 2001, and we are now celebrating our 20th anniversary. I would like to express my gratitude for the guidance and cooperation of our members, city hall, and business organizations, as well as the efforts of our senior board members.

In the past year, the spread of the new coronavirus has continued and is still continuing worldwide. This has threatened the daily lives of people all over the world and in Japan.

In Japan, families, schools, workplaces, and commuting to and from school are unable to operate as before.

Remote teaching for school, teleworking from home for work, remote meetings for conferences and meetings, and other computer and network-based means have been incorporated.

Walking out is restricted due to the possibility of corona infection. Traveling and dining with family and friends, leisure trips, watching sports and movies, going to concerts and amusement parks are also restricted.

As a result, we were not able to hold language classes, lectures, friendship cafes, and bus trips as usual.

The social situation is changing day by day, and in addition to the problem of the spread of the new corona infection, we feel the need to develop international exchange activities with new ideas and methods, and we are currently searching for ways to do so.

There are about 2,400 foreign residents living in Inzai City. In cooperation with the city hall, we would like to help foreign residents to live happily and comfortably.

Our main goal is to help foreign residents enjoy their lives. Secondly, to deepen mutual understanding between foreign residents and the general public through casual exchange. Thirdly, to give elementary and junior high school students and high school students the opportunity to experience and become interested in foreign countries and different cultures.

In order to develop these goals in a new way, we would like to ask for your wisdom and participation in our activities.


(2021.04.22)Our Bulletin Hiroba 23rd Issue Published

We recently published the Hiroba 23rd Issue as an additional edition to celebrate our 20th anniversary of foundation. Please enjoy reading.

PDF all 4 pages

(2021.01.12)Friendship Cafe Being Cancelled

As a result of the declaration of a state of emergency, we decided to cancel the Friendship Cafe temporally for the three months from January to March, 2021.

We would like to reopen it as soon as the COVID-19 situation is calmed down enough so that everyone can meet each other comfortably.

We look forward to seeing you then.

Best wishes for your good health and safety.

(2020.11.24)Students of the Ribbon Participate in the Seminar for Elementary School Students

The 5 students of our Japanese language class “Ribbon” assumed lecturers of the seminar for cultural exchange which was held for students of Takino Elementary School on November 20.

They spoke in Japanese in confident manner to 76 students of the 5th grade about geography, climate, customs, food, culture, etc. of each of their home country, China, Vietnam, India, Belgium and U.K., and they, in return, learned from students of Takino Elementary School many things about Japanese culture.

We believe that both students of the Ribbon and Takino Elementary School had a very valuable time for understanding their own culture respectively.

(2020.11.24)Donation of Rice and Foodstuff to TCU

November 13, we visited Tokyo Christian University with rice in bags weighing 110 kilograms and some foodstuff that was donated by us to support the foreign students. Mr. Yoichi Yamaguchi, President of TCU, attended the delivery and expressed his warmest gratitude to us.

We are more than happy if our donation could be of great help to the students who are forced to stay in dorm due to spreading of COVID-19.

(2020.11.03)Participating in Inzai Civic Culture Festival

We, taking it as a good opportunity to introduce ourselves to the citizens, posted some photos showing our activities to the 25th Inzai Civic Culture Festival which are now held unusually on website due to COVID-19. Our photos appear from 3 minutes 57 seconds on at the following channel.

To enjoy other works submitted by the citizen, please visit Inzai City homepage.

(2020.10.06)Learners of “Ribbon” Attended the Meeting with Inzai City

4 learners of our Japanese language class “Ribbon” attended the meeting that was held by the Inzai City for the purpose of hearing the voices of foreign citizens on September 23, 2020. They shared frankly good and bad points they experienced in living in Inzai City, and what they expect to the City for better circumstances for foreign citizens. We hope that their opinions shared at the meeting will be applied to realization of multicultural society that the City desires.

(2020.10.05)Participated in Kioroshi-Eki Minami Antique Market

On October 3, we participated for the first time in the Kioroshi-Eki Minami Antique Market. Thanks to good weather on that day, many people visited the market which has now become a famous monthly event in the community of Kioroshi.
Among the visitors to our booth, we saw Mr. Masanao Itakura, Mayor of Inzai City and our Honorable Chairperson, a student from Indonesia, and those who are interested in studying at our foreign language class.
By participating in the market regularly from the next month on, we intend to make our booth a stronghold for international cultural exchange with foreign visitors to the market.

Photo: H. Yoshihara, Chairperson (Right) and T. Kawakita, Vice Chairperson in our booth

(2020.10.05)Friendship Cafe reopened

Our Friendship Cafe that had been closed since February due to COVID-19 was reopened on September 24.
We had 13 participants in the venue where we displayed Japanese paper dolls that were recently donated by a citizen to our association. Those participants including an Australian and an American new comers had pleasant talks with joy of seeing again.
The Cafe will be held on those Thursdays, October 22 and November 26, but closed on December 24.

(2020.09.29)Our Latest Bulletin Issued

Attached please find the latest issue of Hiroba which, as the expanded version celebrating the 20th anniversary, contains the writings and photos posted by the members and students of our Japanese language class. While the Japanese version is only available now, we hope you enjoy reading of it.


(2020.09.14)Friendship Cafe will be held again on Sept. 24

We are pleased to invite you to our Friendship Cafe that will be reopened on Sept. 24, 2020, from 10:00 to noon, at the usual venue, 2nd Fl. Chuo Ekimae Chiiki Koryukan No.2.

For the special presentation, Japanese paper dolls will be exhibited. Those dolls were made by a late Inzai citizen and donated to us by her bereaved family.We hope that the participants will rediscover a delicate sense of beauty of Japanese craft arts.

The Friendship Cafe will be held with the special attention paid to physical distancing. We look forward to seeing you.

(2020.07.27)We Donated Rice to Tokyo Christian University

On July 22nd, 2020, we donated 110 kilograms of rice to Tokyo Christian University for aid to their foreign students who, away from home, are forced to stay in the dorm due to COVID-19.

The rice was grown by Ms. Chiyoko Hashimoto, one of directors of IIFA, at her field. She proposed to donate it to the foreign students of TCU. The rice was brought to the university by our directors with stuffed in 22 bags, each weighing 5 kilograms, so that every student can cook by him/herself in the situation that the student dining room is closed.

We, members of IIFA, would like to keep supporting the foreign students as far as possible.

(2020.04.13)Cancellation of Friendship Cafe

We regret to announce that our Friendship Cafe will not be held in May and June. Let’s pray for safety and health of each one. 

(2020.04.09)Activities Plan for 2020 Fiscal Year

Please be informed that we decided to cancel the 20th annual members meeting that was scheduled on May 23, 2020 due to the current critical situation of COVID-19. We therefore will advise hereunder main activities we have planned for the period from April 1, 2020 to May 31, 2021 which was to be docketed for approval at the meeting.

〇Holding the special events celebrating the 20th anniversary of foundation

〇Free consultation for foreign residents

〇Holding the Friendship Café

〇Cooperation to the English training class for elementary school students

〇Holding cross cultural events, such as;

 Cooking experience of foreign foods

 Holding the Inzai World Fest

 Bus tour, etc.

〇Foreign language classes (English, Korean, Chinese)

〇Japanese language class

The above plans are subject to change due to spread of COVID-19.

(2020.03.30)Cancellation of Activities in April

As the result of closure of all public facilities of Inzai City, our following activities scheduled in April will be cancelled. For the activities in May and afterwards, please wait for our further information.

〇Japanese language class (Ribbon)

〇All classes of English, Korean and Chinese languages

〇Friendship Cafe

A Message from Chairperson on COVID-19

Dear IIFA Members, Japanese citizens and Foreign residents,

How are you, everybody?

Regrettably, COVID-19 keeps spreading all over Japan. In order to minimize the risk of transmission, I hope each of you takes such protective measures as frequent hand washing by soap or antiseptic, wearing a mask, gargling, avoiding non-essential outings, etc.

The correct information regarding COVID-19 can be obtained at the following sites.

1. Inzai City homepage (Available in English, Chinese, Korean languages)

2. Chiba Prefecture homepage in eight foreign languages)

In addition, Chiba International Center provides consultation services in Japanese, English, Chinese and Spanish languages at the telephone number, 043-297-2966.

The service is available on Monday to Friday, from 9 a.m. to noon, and from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

It is important for each person not to be misguided by false information, I appreciate if you would share the above information with your friends and foreign residents near you.

Lastly, I hope you are safe and healthy, and look forward to the earliest ending of this pandemic spread.


Hisao Yoshihara,

(2020.02.19)Our friendship Cafe of February and March will not be held.

We regret to announce that we have decided to cancel our Friendship Cafe scheduled on February 27 and March 26 respectively due to the current serious situation of infection spread of new coronavirus.

Hopefully, the Friendship Cafe will be held again on April 23.

(2020.02.05)We decided to halt “Inzai World Fest 2020”

Regrettably, we decided to call off our cultural exchange event, “Inzai World Fest 2020” that was scheduled on Feb. 8, in consideration of the serious situation that coronavirus infection is spreading worldwide.

We are sorry for those who applied for participation in the event, but believe this decision of cancellation will be understood favorably by all.

We look forward to holding the same event as soon as the end of infection is declared.

(2019.12.10)Participated in Dango Matsuri

We participated in this year’s Dango Matsuri held on November 23 and 24 with many other volunteer groups in Inzai City. In addition to displaying the panels introducing our activities, we exhibited photos taken by our members showing own actions for international exchange, and the scenery and people each has encountered abroad. Also, two presentations for cross-cultural understanding were made by Mr. Takaichi Aoki from Amazon Data Services Japan, and Mr. Joe Brennan respectively. Both presentations were very successful with many attendees.

(2019.10.08)Bus-trip to Andersen Park

 Thirty people joined the event on Sep. 28th when the summer heat was still remaining. The ages of participants ranged widely from two to over the seventies. There were some people visited the park for the first time.
They looked to have a fun in walking in the morning and the barbecue for lunch.
Among them, a woman from Sri Lanka, now learning Japanese, uploaded her impression written in Japanese to our home page.

(2019.10.03)From Coordinator of “International Friendship Cafe”

Thank you for the support and participation to our “International Friendship Cafe”. We are pleased to inform you of the schedule for the coming 3 months as follows.
October: Will be held as usual on 24th, the 4th Thursday, at Chuo Ekimae Chiiki Koryukan No.2 from 10 am to Noon.
November: Will be held as our special event for the Dango Matsuri Festival which will be held at Chuo Ekimae Chiiki Koryukan No.2 on 23rd and 24th. Please come to our booth on 3rd Fl. to chat with other visitors whenever convenient for you.
December: Will be closed. Please enjoy the happy holiday season.

(2019.07.30)Participated in the English Training Camp for Elementary School Students

This year’s English training camp for elementary school students by the Inzai City Education Board was held on July 23 and 25. The 9 volunteers from our association participated in the camp to assist the ALT’s to carry out the lessons smoothly. All of the 130 students attended from elementary schools in Inzai City seemed delighted to enjoy communications in English.

(2019.07.16)Persian Cuisine Gathering

The gathering under the instruction of an Iranian lady from Teheran was held on Jun. 28th with 25 participants.
Since Persian cuisine is relatively rare in Japan, they enjoyed some cooking including Morgh using bone-in thigh, Zereshk Polo using basmati rice, and Salad.
Some participants were surprised how unexpectedly easy it is to cut bone-in thigh into half.
Further, most people first experienced the cooking called Masto Kihial, which is made of yogurt with cucumbers, walnuts and raisins added, and they looked eating with great relish.

(2019.06.28)From Coordinator of International Friendship Cafe

At the latest International Friendship Cafe (IFC) held on June 27, 2019, about 20 attendees including 4 foreign residents had a good time for cultural exchange and international friendship, including a special presentation on the culture, nature and people of Republic of Zimbabwe.
The schedule of the Friendship Cafe for the coming 3 months are as follows. For details, please visit the page of International Friendship Café.

July 25, Sept. 26
August: Closed

(2019.04.01)Visit to Boso-no-mura

 The visit was carried out on Mar. 23rd with 38 participants. We were, by chance, able to see a wedding ceremony held in the old house and old-style dishes for the cerebration. However, unfortunately it seemed that we did not have a time enough to walk around the premises due to rain. Since the day was also cold, some of us enjoyed conversation warming ourselves at a souvenir shop and others exchanged their information over coffee.
I felt it was a day that thanks to the rain we could deepen interaction and friendship between us.

(2019.03.15)A Presentation for our Friendship Cafe this Month

We are pleased to inform you that for the next Friendship Cafe on March 28, Mr. Joe Brennan will offer another presentation. (Last month's presentation, The Beatles Teach You English, was well received.)

The theme of this month's presentation is “U.S.A., Then and Now”, in which he will focus on how the country has changed over time in core foundations such as liberty, democracy, opportunity and equality.

Translation in to Japanese will be available. After the presentation, we would like to have a casual discussion by the attendees separated into small groups. Mr. Brennan is willing to join the discussion of each group and answer questions. We look forward to your coming to the Friendship Cafe and enjoying the presentation.

Date: February 28, 2019
10 am to noon
Place: 2nd Fl. Chuo Ekimae Chiiki Koryukan No.2
5 minute walk to east from South Exit of CNT Chuo Station
No reservation required
Free Admission
Tea and cookies

(2019.02.08)A Presentation Will Be Made at Friendship Cafe of This Month

We are pleased to announce that at the next Friendship Cafe, which will be held on February 28, Mr. Joe Brennan will make a presentation for us again. The presentation is titled “The Beatles Teach You English”, in which the attendees will listen to Penny Lane, one of their famous songs. After that, we will have a casual discussion in which each attendee can share his/her own ideas on the song, the Beatles’ music, ask questions, or contribute in any way they like. Mr. Brennan will help guide the discussion and answer questions.
As the presentation will be translated in to Japanese, even those attendees whose English is limited, can fully understand and participate as he or she desires.
We look forward to seeing you.

Date: February 28, 2019
10 am to noon
Place: 2nd Fl. Chuo Ekimae Chiiki Koryukan No.2
5 minute walk to east from South Exit of CNT Chuo Station
No reservation required
Free Admission
Tea and cookies

(2018.12.25)Inzai World Fest 2018

Total 57 people participated in this event and had a good time. First of all, participants introduced themselves at every group since some of them didn’t know each other. Then, in the morning, we enjoyed the performances such as Nankin-tamasudare(one of the traditional street performances) including real experiences by participants and a violin performance.
Sushi, pizza and salad were prepared for lunch and we spent the lunch time with lively conversation in a friendly way.
In the afternoon, Inzai-ondo(local dance) and Cappore( one of the famous Japanese dances) were introduced followed by English-spoken Rakugo(comic storytelling) and Shishimai(Japanese lion dance). Enjoyably enough, we finished with all-participants-joined Inzai-ondo.

(2018.12.14)Participated in Dango Matsuri!

We, Inzai City International Friendship Association, participated in the Dango Matsuri (Festival)” held on November 24 and 25, 2018, as an exhibitor. We also held our own events, the presentations by an American and a Japanese lecturers on cross cultural understanding on 24th, and the flea market of foreign goods on 25th, which both drew many attendees.

(2018.12.14)From Coordinator of “International Friendship Cafe”

The Cafe of the month of November was held at the site of Dango Matsui from Nov. 24 to 25. For the special program of the Cafe, the presentations on cross cultural understanding were made by an American and a Japanese lecturers, and many audiences seemed inspired. (See pictures in the article of Dango Matsui)
The Cafe of January and February will be held on 24th and 28th respectively. Please come to see those who are interested in international friendship. For details, please click “International Friendship Cafe”.

(2018.10.29)Participation in “Walking Kioroshi Road Again”

The event was held on Oct. 20th as one of the memorial events for the reach of 100,000 population in Inzai City. Nine foreigners including international students participated and walked 5.5km around the historical sites near Kioroshi in the costume of the Edo period. Some members of IIFA went with them.
They looked difficult to walk in kimono in addition to fine weather which made them slightly sweaty, however, they enjoyed pork miso soup and a steamed bun after reaching a goal.

(2018.10.01)Kyudo Experience Class for Foreign People

Our Kyudo Experience Class for Foreign People was held on Sep. 22nd (Sat) with an assistance of Inzai City Kyudo Association. 30 people including 15 foreign people took part. They did not practice well first, but gradually got accustomed and cried out excitedly every time they hit the target. Some of them clenched their fist in triumph. The game between teams divided into Red and White, put them enthusiasm with their full spirits. It was impressive that they watched the ceremonial shoot with one target by three instructors with holding their breath.

(2018.08.13)Makinohara Festival

Makinohara Festival was held at Nishinohara park on Aug.4th. We appreciated two female high school students joined us. We opened the flea market with some folk crafts and books from foreign countries as well as last year. On the stage, an instructor of Japanese language played “Niko” to let the participants sing some dear songs.

(2018.07.31)Participated as a Volunteer Group in the Canadian Women’s National Softball Team Training Camp

The Team Canada visited Inzai City to hold a training camp from June 14 to 26. For the team, this is the third visit to Inzai City since 2016, and, as before, our association assisted the team and Inzai City as a volunteer group for interpretation at the occasions of reception party, practice games, players’ goodwill visits to elementary and junior high schools, etc.

(2018.07.31)From Coordinator of “International Friendship Cafe”

Our International Friendship Cafe (IFC) of July was held on 26th under pleasant and amicable atmosphere with an attendance of 12 including a Chinese couple and a newcomer. The next IFC will be held on September 27th, and we look forward to seeing more participants there

(2018.07.18)Indian Cuisine Gathering

Twenty-seven people including an instructor and guests gathered on July 7th (Sat). We tried to cook chicken-curry, Chapati, Pulau and Chai instructed by an Indian female student in Japan. In the middle of cooking she sang some songs. And participants other than Japanese came from India, Kenya, Nepal, and Korea, which made the gathering international. Thanks to those, we were able to enjoy the time.

(2018.02.02)Our New Year’s Party Was Held!

On January 27, our New Year’s Party was held at the Hotel Mark-1 CNT with an attendance of 70 citizens including many foreign residents in Inzai City. Participants had a good time in a friendly atmosphere with conversations with each other, and enjoyed Aikido demonstration and Recitation of poems(Shigin) as the performances introducing Japanese culture.

(2017.12.25)The English Training Camp for Junior High School Students

On December 16, the English training camp for the junior high school students was held under the auspices of the Inzai City Education Board. The volunteers from our association attended the camp to assist the ALT’s to carry out the lessons smoothly. We will keep on supporting this program in hopes that it would enable young boys and girls to be citizens with interests in international friendship and understanding foreign cultures.

(2017.12.25)Christmas Party of The Ribbon Held

On December 13, a Christmas party was held by the Wednesday class members of the Japanese Language Learning Club “Ribbon”. A total of 36 people including students, their family and the teachers.
We all enjoyed the attractions performed by the groups, who learn together in the language class. One group sang a Christmas song in Japanese, English, and Korean. Other attractions included a riddles play and a magic show.
All the participants brought something to the party, like dishes of various countries. We all had very good time chatting and eating. At the meal, we had a rock-paper-scissors tournament for a special gift.
Then we exchanged Christmas presents at the end of the party. We sang a Christmas song in circle, while we keep passing a present to the next person. When the song ended, each participant got one present.
We all got a nice souvenir and great fun in the party.
日本語(にほんご)教室(きょうしつ)は市内(しない)5か所(5かしょ)の公民館(こうみんかん)で 毎週(まいしゅう)6回(6かい)開催(かいさい)されています。

(2017.11.01)“INZAI WORLD FEST 2017”WAS HELD.

On October 28, our cross cultural event, “Inzai World Fest 2017” was held in collaboration with Makinohara Matsuri, in hopes that our activities are better known to Inzai citizens through the participation in such a community festival.
In the drizzling weather condition due to approach of the Typhoon No.22, the Makinohara Matsuri was barely held, as desired by all the concerned.
Mr. Ichiro Miyama, representing our association, performed Iai, Japanese traditional martial arts, on the stage, to which a big applause was given by spectators.
We also opened a flea market for selling the goods that our association members have bought abroad for souvenirs. The matsuri visitors stopped by the market to look around and buy various items that are rare or uncommon to Japanese people. If the market were opened in good weather conditions, we believe that more purchases might have been seen.
From now on, we will continue holding the “Inzai World Fest” annually, desiring that it would be the best opportunity for the citizens of Inzai City to be more familiar with the people and culture of foreign countries.

(2017.10.20)Inzai World Fest 2017

Please come to our “Inzai World Fest 2017” which, for the first time, will be held in collaboration with Makinohara Matsuri (Festivsal).
We hope it will be a good opportunity for you to meet the people having interests in international friendship and cultural exchange in happy and joyful atmosphere of the community festival, enjoying various performances, meals and drinks at many booths.
Details of the event are as follows as an attached leaflet.

Time & Date: 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. October 28 (Saturday), 2017
[One of our members will perform Iai (Japanese traditional martial arts) at the stage at or about 11:30. ]
Place: Nishinohara Koen (Park), the site of Makinohara Matsuri
(10 minute walk from south exit of Inzai Mankinohara Station on Hokuso Line)
We look forward to seeing you at our booth.

Click here for details

(2017.08.07)”Let's Say Hello in World's Languages!" Held

As previously announced, the 2nd ”Let's Say Hello in World's Languages!" program was held at our Friendship Cafe on July 27, 2017. For the program, Ms. Rebecca Babirye from Republic of Uganda shared the culture and people of her country. She also introduced their traditional batik. The participants had a good time trying to exchange greetings in Uganda language and manner just learned from Ms. Babirye.

(2017.06.26)The New Program for our Friendship Cafe, “Let’s Say Hello in World’s Languages!”

At our Friendship Cafe on June 22, our new program “Let’s Say Hello in World’s Languages!” started. We planned this program for participants of the Friendship Cafe to better understand the people and culture of foreign countries through learning easy words and phrases used for greetings, self-introduction, etc. in each language. The program will be held occasionally at the Friendship Cafe taking up one respective language at each time.

We selected Thai as the first language at the Friendship Cafe on June 22. The participants all enjoyed the humorous sharing by a member speaker, who has lived in Thailand for nine years, of interesting stories about the language, custom and culture of this country of smiles.

At the next Friendship Cafe scheduled on July 27, a lady from Republic of Uganda, now living in Inzai City, will talk about the language used in her country. There is no doubt that it would be a good opportunity to know of people and things of the country that is not familiar to most of us. We look forward to seeing many participants.

(2017.03.13)A Bus Tour for International Friendship Was Held.

"Little Edo Experience: Touring the Historical Town of Sawara"
By Daniel Pettit"

On February 25, 2017, The Inzai City International Friendship Association went on a tour to the town of Sawara with 30 Inzai residents including those from Thailand, India, China, South Korea and America. The local and international residents partnered up during the tour and had great conversations. The weather was perfect for walking around and visiting the rich history of Sawara dating to the Edo period. It's so historically authentic that it's also known as "Little Edo." The first stop was to Katori Shrine where we witnessed a marriage ceremony and met a talking bird in front of a dango shop. Next on the tour was Little Edo where we visited many different shops, some of which are older than America as a nation. The Katori International Friendship Association made the tour really fun and were excellent at describing the history of Sawara. At the end we visited a Sake Brewery, the American and Indian students especially enjoyed the sake tasting afterwards. Overall, the Sawara tour was a fantastic opportunity for the local and international residents to experience the history of Old Japan in its fullest. We look forward to continuing to provide these friendship building opportunities to those in our community."

(2016.12.01)Participated in Dango Matsuri

We, Inzai City International Friendship Association, participated in “The 12th Dango Matsuri (Festival)” held on November 26 and 27, 2016, as an exhibitor with many other volunteer groups in Inzai City. In the room allocated to us, we exhibited panels introducing our activities, and also held the so called Friendship Café to provide the visitors to the festival with an opportunity to discuss with each other about international friendship. On both days, many people visited our room, and we had friendly talks with each of them about matters such as importance of peaceful coexistence with the foreign residents in the city through understanding and respecting different cultures.

(2016.11.07)“The 1st World Festival in Inzai” Held

On October 30, 2016, our cross cultural event, “The 1st World Festival in Inzai”, was held successfully with attendance of a number of foreign people living in Inzai City.
The participants enjoyed traditional dances of Hawaii, Uyghur and Japan, as well as wonderful musical performances by the Imba Meisei High School Brass Band, etc. Everyone had a good time with tasty food and friendly discussions.
We are confident that we could continue to provide the participants with the best occasion to have an international friendship with mutual respect for each culture.
We therefore would like to hold the 2nd World Festival in Inzai in autumn next year.

(2016.09.15)“World Festival in Inzai”

 We would invite you to join our “World Festival in Inzai”, the event for cultural exchange between foreign residents and Japanese citizens in Inzai. At the event, we will enjoy performances of dance and music of various countries and Japan. It also would be a good occasion for you to meet and talk with those who are interested in establishing international friendship. Light meals and drinks will be served.

Details of the event are as follows.
Time & Date: 11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. October 30 (Sunday), 2016
Place: Shimin Katsudo Shien Center
2nd Fl. Chuo Ekimae Chiiki Koryukan
(5 minute walk from south exit of Chiba New Town Chuo Station)
Fees: \300 for Member, \600 for Non-member, Free for kids under 12
For participation, please call us at 070-6475-7633, or send E-mail to not later than October 15.

We look forward to seeing you.

(2016.08.18)General Meeting of the Ribbon held.

 We held the general meeting of our “Japanese Language Class Ribbon” at Sohfuke Community Center on Sat. 14th May, 2016. The 14 staff members from 5 classes held at 4 different places attended the meeting. They exchanged views frankly for the activities of each class. At the tea party following the general meeting, the participants shared opinions which we hope could contribute to the operation of the Ribbon for starting its 17th year.

(2016.06.27)Annual Cooking Party Held

On June 21, our annual cooking party was held at Chuo-Ekimae Chiiki Koryukan.

At the party, 20 participants including 4 men and the ladies from China and Taiwan enjoyed Russian home cooking under the instruction of Ms. Elena Watanabe who is from Russia and now an Inzai resident and also a student of our Japanese language class “Ribbon”.
The items the participants learned to cook were Meatballs named Hedgehog in Russian language with mashed potatoes, Vegetable soup containing chicken liver, and Cookies.
It is said that the meatballs are so named, because the figure of each ball resembles a hedgehog after the rice stuffed inside is popped out like spines while heated.
As every item was new to the participants, they were in struggle to cook, but finally all foods were made up to the level to win the high praises of Ms. Watanabe.
After the cooking, all the participants had a good time tasting the foods they cooked.

(2016.05.30)From Coordinator of “International Friendship Cafe”

Our latest International Friendship Cafe (IFC) was held on May 26.
At the above IFC, Ms. Sakie Sekimura, who has studied at universities in Xiamen, China and Taiwan, gave the participants a talk under the title “This and That of China from Woman’s View”.
Her presentation covered not only episodes she has experienced during her student days but differences of pronunciation and expression between Chinese and Taiwanese languages, and the topics were further extended to Chinese strange custom of foot-binding, everything of which drew interests of the participants.
Among the participants, there was a lady from China. She shared what she has heard from an old lady who had witnessed this custom before it was abolished, and how Chinese women of today feel about it. We had a very good time.
Thank you.

(2016.05.19)Special Event “Rice Planting with Japanese Families”

May 15, 2016, we participated in the rice planting which was held as one of the commemorative events celebrating the Inzai City’s 20th anniversary.This event was planned and executed by the groups which include NPO Cosmos, Chiba United Soccer Club, Mr. T. Murakoshi of Eiji Kyodoen .
It was a very fine day with clear sky suitable for rice planting. From our association, 19 members joined the event, including 7 foreign participants from China and USA.
The purpose of our participation in this event was to provide foreign citizens with an opportunity to understand the Japanese culture of foods through rice planting together with Japanese citizens.
All the participants seemed to have enjoyed rice planting with their feet and clothes muddy.
We are so grateful to the host groups for not only offering a filed for planting but providing the participants with tasty rice balls, chicken-flavored rice and beverages.

(2016.05.17)Presentation on the Japanese Garden at International Friendship Cafe

At our latest International Friendship Cafe (IFC) held on April 28, 2016, a presentation on the Japanese garden were made in English by Mr. Daniel Pettit, a student of Tokyo Christian University in Inzai City. With many photos, he explained about history of the Japanese garden and why it attracts so many people all over the world. The 15 participants seemed much impressed with his presentation, and some of them immediately decided to become our members. We had a pleasant time talking each other in the friendly atmosphere.
In the next IFC on May 26, we are scheduling to offer a presentation by a lady on the various interesting things she has seen or experienced in China while she lived there to study. We look forward to many participants joining us.

(2015.12.28)Xmas party held by Japanese language class “Ribon”

On the 9th of December, the Japanese Language Class“ Ribon” had “the Christmas Party”. 55 of Japanese class learners and staffs joined and enjoyed the party.
One of staffs played “Niko”, the Chinese music instrument, then another one performed “Magic show”, and the last one showed us Tai Chi Chuan, and then we enjoyed all programs. The party was really international with singing “Jingle Bells” in various languages such as Japanese, English, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Russian.
It was impressive that all participants form various countries sang a song“Furusato” in Japanese at the end of the party. We spent very good day with everyone's smiles.

(2015.12.25)“Let’s discover Inzai: Fureai-bus and walking around Kioroshi historical area” held

After gathering at Kioroshi station on November 7th, we enjoyed walking around Kioroshi historical area with the students from abroad. We introduced the convenience of Fureai-bus during the walking and then visited Yoshioka-machikado museum and the old house of Musashiya as well as boat tour.
Total 14 students from the USA , Zimbabwe and so on participated and seemed to understand that Kioroshi used to be a river port and supplies were transported through Kioroshi road after seeing and listening to the history. Water birds and the shrines etc. made us fun during boat tour. At the museum and the old house they had a pleasant feeling by contacting Japanese culture.
The students introduced their own countries, home-town and songs in the countries at the friendship party in the afternoon. Some magic also made the party enjoyable.
We, Inzai City International Friendship Association, would like to have this kind of events to create the good relationship between citizen including people from abroad.

(2015.12.25)Held “Japan Day”

Inzai City International Friendship Association held the event “Japan Day” introducing Japanese culture to people from abroad at Chiiki-kouryukan#2 near Chiba new-town station on Sep. 27th. More than 100 people joined the event.
In the morning they enjoyed some Japanese cultures such as calligraphy, tea ceremony and Kimono-dressing. Other events like Iai-nuki practice and Bon-dancing were done at the friendship party in the afternoon. In addition to those, the participants were also amused with conversation over having snacks. They sure felt the event very pleasant.

(2015.11.30)「Held “The class of experiencing KYUDO for people from abroad”

On Nov. 21st, under the mildly fine weather of autumn, Inzai city International Friendship Association held the event jointly with Inzai City Kyudo Association. Total 24people including 9 foreigners-some students of the university and assistant language teacher and so on-joined. After the shooting by the members of Kyudo Association, participants tried to shoot to the larger target, the diameter is 1m, with the confusion since it was the first time for them to touch Japanese bow and arrows. Each participants tried to shoot ten arrows and they radiated their joy with cheering and knocking up their fists in the air every time they could hit a target. And then they were divided into two teams to have a competition by the team, team Red and White. They enjoyed the competition and the White edged out (43points vs 39). As the final program of the class, the three members of Kyudo Association in Kimono practiced ceremonial shooting at one target.
Thereafter, we took a lunch. And we heard about their impression of Kyudo such as: “I felt Kyudo is not only sports but also a taste of Japanese traditional culture” “When my daughter grows up, I will recommend her to play Kyudo” “If there is a chance, I try to play Kyudo again” It is sure that they enjoyed Kyudo very much.

(2015.10.29)Participated in the disaster drill

October 18th, we, Inzai City International Friendship Association, participated in the disaster drill conducted by the City of Inzai at the premises of Takino Elementary School and Takino Junior High School.
At our booth, we displayed exhibit panels which showed the procedures needed to assist the evacuating foreigners who have difficulty in communicating in Japanese, and providing those people with effective assistance, meeting their needs in the time of disaster.
We also exhibited panels showing our various activities to let the attendants know that mutual understanding and respect of culture, habits, etc. through interaction is useful for Japanese citizens to help evacuate the foreigners living in Inzai.
More than 200 5th and 6th graders at Takino Elementary School visited our booth and listened to our presentation with enthusiasm.
We would like to have more serious concern about disaster prevention so that we can carefully assist foreigners in the event of a disaster.

(2015.07.06)Curry Cooking with International Students

Curry Rice Cooking with International Exchange Students was held on June 20th, 2015 at Chuo Ekimae Chiiki Koryukan.
The cook volunteer, one of our Intermediate English class student, led this event. Twenty one participants including four exchange students from Tokyo Christian University joined the event. This event was a request from the exchange students, for they wanted to learn how to cook Japanese ordinary curry rice.
We cooked three recipes; the curry rice, Chinese pickled vegetables (Sichuan style Pao Tsuai) and pear in plum syrup. He explained how to cook these recipes in English. After that, we separated into 5 groups for the cooking practice. Each group started cooking. We started with the Pear in Plum Syrup. After cooking, we put into the cooler. Second, the Chinese Pickled Vegetables and the last is the curry rice.
After two hours of cooking, the room smelled delicious and it smelled mostly of curry. While they were having the dishes, they also enjoyed having their conversations in English. One of the exchanged American student said, "Finally, I can cook my favorite curry rice after my return to my home."
Everybody enjoyed the event with good smile on their face.

(2015.03.10)Japanese Class“Ribbon”,Teachers' Workshop

On Wednesday February the 25th , the staff of the Japanese Class”Ribbon” had a teachers’ workshop at the Eki Mae Chiiki Kouryuukan near Chiba New Town Central Station and invited as a lecturer Mrs. Mannami Eri, a Japanese Language Business Coordinator trusted by the Agency for Cultural Affairs.
Mrs. Mannami, who has been supporting local Japanese learning groups for many years from the viewpoint of “symbiosis of multi cultures”, had a lecture about the theme of “foreigner support as a citizen and the role of the Japanese language volunteer.
“ After the lecture, there was a Question & Answer corner in which a lot of views were exchanged between the staff.
This time there were also 5 teachers invited from the Japanese study group in Shiroi and Kamagaya City , so we were able to exchange a lot of information, what made this meeting very meaningful.
Main points
{symbiosis} =striving together for a better society while respecting each other’ cultures.
Teaching is not only a teacher⇒student relationship (input) but there must also be opportunities for the students to study and express themselves (output).
This is why it is also important to talk about everyday life topics like child rearing, hobbies, disaster prevention, nursing etc.
The teachers should, according to the interests of their students and the aim of their studies, provide opportunity to the students to express themselves and to have discussions.(Like workshops together with Japanese citizens from the neighborhood. )
By having workshops about a theme the motivation for studying Japanese and communication skills of students can be increased.
Students can take part into society, mutual understanding will be deepened, the area will become easier to live in for foreigners and become a city that is friendly for multi cultures

(2015.02.05)Cooking class in English: Tourtieres and maple bread puddings

A cooking event in English was held on January 30, 2015 at Chuo ekimae chiiki koryukan.
Mrs. Marie Yatsuda, a cooking teacher, talked about the recipes’ cultural background and how to make maple syrup. After that, twenty participants baked Tourtieres; French Canadian meat pies, and maple bread puddings with their teacher. They made the tourtieres and puddings in unique different shapes, and both were very delicious. They really enjoyed every minute of this event talking to each other in Japanese and in English with their teacher. According to Mrs. Marie, the participants were all enthusiastic and fast learners. It was also nice to chat and get to know each other while we ate together.
Reporters from local TV Rurban Net came to Cooking Class for shooting, and it will be broadcasted from 12th to 18th February.

(2015.01.12)“Lecture for Understanding Cross-Culture”

Mr. Kawakita; our Director, gave lecture on “Experience through International Cooperation in Thai, Indonesia, Kenya, Zimbabwe for 30 years” at Inzai City Bunka Hall, on 26th November.
Lecture for Understanding Cross-Culture is held once a month by Inzai City. Lectures are formulated by a long-stay foreigner resident or a Japanese lecture having overseas long-stay experience. The title of lecture was “Let’s share cross-culture experience! Thai, Indonesia, Kenya, Zimbabwe for 30 years”. Mr. Kawakita told the experience concerning with the difference between Asia and Africa, cross-culture and international cooperation.
He had participated in overseas technical cooperation for official development aid of Japan from 1980 to 2009, and worked at JICA Zimbabwe Office as resident representative from 2010 to 2013.

(2015.01.12)Participation in 10th Inzai City citizen’s activities Dango Matsuri

10th Inzai City citizen’s activities Dango Matsuri was held at cyuouekimae second building for regional citizen exchange on 29th-30th November, 2014. Inzai City International Friendship Association participated in this event with Talking with Foreigners, photo exhibition, Power-Point showing and a survey by questionnaires.
In talking with foreigners event, overseas students of U.S.A., Iraq and India from Tokyo Christian University and Tokyo Denki University participated. We got 110 answers by questionnaires. A cooking class, a tea party, language classes and tours are popular in activities. The information about overseas study and overseas life arealso concerned as the result.

(2014.12.26)Life and Agriculture in Kingdom of Tonga

Mr. Yoshihara; our Chairman, gave lecture on “Life and Agriculture in Kingdom of Tonga” at Goi Civic Center, Ichihara City, on 5th December. There were about 80 attendants.
Name of TONGA is known, but people do not know well about Kingdom. Mr. Yoshihara showed plenty photos which he took, and explained on the Kingdom. Attendants had been interested in residences, foods and clothes. Mr. Yoshihara expects the relation between Tonga and Japan will become closer, even approximate 8,000km away from here.
He had lived and worked at Ministry of Agriculture, Foods, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFFF), as the adviser on Agricultural policy to the parliamentary vice-minister, from 2010 to 2012. He was a member of JICA Senior Volunteer.

(2014.12.26)Foreign students enjoyed Mochi-tsuki; making rice cake, at Kobayashi-Sengen

Daniel and Chin joined Mochi-tsuki; making rice cake, at Inariya Park; Kobayashi-sengen 1choume on 14th December. This event was organized by Makinohara-Naka neighborhood association, as one of annual event of the association. The association is very kind to invites foreign residents in our city to join, every year.
They have had nice joyful time making rice cake, eating rice cake and Ton-jiru; miso soup with pork and vegetables, some drinks and bingo game.
Daniel is studying theology at Tokyo Christian University. He came from Seattle, Washington, USA, and is living almost 2 years in University Campus in Uchino, Inzai. He had an experience of a volunteer for mind care at Miyagi Prefecture, Aftermath of the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami in 2012.
Chin is Junior High school pupil, and studying Japanese language at “Ribbon Nippongo Class” operated by our association. He came from Shenyang, China, together with parents.
We appreciate Makiohara-Naka people’s kindness.

(2014.12.02)“International Friendship Café” held by Inzai City International Friendship Association(IIFA)

IIFA will offer the opportunity twice a month for you to associate with Japanese citizen. Anyone can join it with no charge. We are looking forward to meeting you soon.
Date, Time, Place
・from Jan.10 the second Saturday of every month 16:00 to 18:00
at IIFA’s office K-front bldg. 2F,
3 minutes’ walk from the north exit of JR Kioroshi station
・from Jan.22 the fourth Thursday of every month 10:00 to 12:00
at Chuo-ekimae Chiiki Kouryukan(public hall)
5 minutes’ walk from the south exit of Chiba-new-town Chuo station of Hokuso railway
Inquiry : to: person in charge of “International Friendship Café”

(2014.11.25)Supported International friendship program of Junior High schools in Inzai City

A group of William Ruthven Secondary College from Melbourne, Victoria State, Australia came to stay Inzai City from 22sd to 28th September. They were students, teachers and parents total 15 members. The Chairman and two Directors of IIFA attended Welcome party held at Inzai Junior High schools.
A party of Gulstone State School from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia visited Kobayashi Junior High school from 28th September to 1st October. They were 2 teachers and 10 pupils. The Chairman and Director of IIFA attended Welcome party held at Kobayashi Junior High schools. We presented books of Japanese culture to our visitors. We expected to expand these kinds of Programs more, and students and pupils of those schools will have interest to learn foreign culture and languages.

(2014.11.18)Small Scale Meeting for Chiba Prefecture Inba Meisei High School.

Small Scale Meeting as the title of "My opinion to future figure for 2020 Inba Meisei " was performed on Oct 8th, 2014 at Inba Meisei High School, 4 people from Inzai City International Friendship Association(IIFA) attended. The new proposal was presented by each group consisted from primary school students, graduated students and parents association e.t.c. IIFA presented three point as 1. To strengthen ability of understanding different culture 2. To grow spirits of challenge to the world 3. To return experience and knowledge to regional society. The suggestion of cooperation with IIFA was shown by Inba Meisei High School.

(2014.11.18)Accept the home-stay of short-term students from abroad

Thirteen students are staying at the dormitory of Tokyo Christian University from the end of August to the beginning of December. Four IIFA members accepted their home-stay on November 1st and 2nd. During the home-stay, they seemed to have various kinds of experiences with the host families and their friends like attending the local festival, enjoying home party and shopping. Those experiences surely gave them pleasant memories.

(2014.08.29)had a pleasant bus tour

Inzai International Friendship Association held the bus tour on August 29th, 2014. The first destination was Chiba-Hokuso hospital which was used for the TV drama titled “Called Blue”. There, we could ride on the actual helicopter after listening to the inside stories of the drama and explanation for the system of so called doctor-heli. The participants, both of the adults and children, enjoyed the unusual experience with full of smile and sparkling eyes.
The next was Inzai garbage-managing center. Since we haven’t seen the treatment of garbage dumped with no intention, this experience must have gotten us to raise the consciousness for the classification
We took social lunch last. Two Iraqi, a university student and her mother, who joined the tour served us the home-made cookies and told some differences between Japan and their country.
It is sure that through the tour we could experience a lot of things whichever we haven’t known or seen.

(2014.03.30)Let’s explore the spring in Inzai with Mr. Kevin

Under the cold weather with small rain, 38 people including 16 children gathered at Hokuso Hanano-oka-kouen(flower park) on March 30,2014. After Mr. Kevin’s explanation about plants and how to observe them, the participants enjoyed the observation with a magnifying glass. In the meantime, the weather with heavy rain forced us to move inside and change the schedule to the experience of handicraft. The experience pleased the participants, especially children, and each of them made their own badges. In spite of the bad weather, it is sure that almost all participants had a wonderful time.

(2014.02.23)Bus Tour with Foreign Residents

Inzai International Friendship Associatin held the event on Sunday Feb. 23. It was cold the day but the weather was fine. Total twenty-nine people including forein residents coming from Chaina, Korea, Australia and Taiwan participated and headed for Fire Department of Inzai Makinohara and the train inspecting base of Hokuso Railways. We are accustomed to the fire cars and the trains, however, most of us haven't seen them closely. At the fire department, we watched the inside of the ambulances and the fire cars and were surprised at the weight of the fire resistant clothes when we tried them on. Then, the explanation of how to respond to the sudden big earthquake was done. At the next destination, we closely watched the cars and were surprised at how large they were as well. Sitting on the driver's seat, putting the driver's cap on, taking the memorial pictures and sending on the air like the conducters do gave us enjoyable time.

(2013.10.17)The Short Stay Students from Thailand visited Inzai City

The ten teenager-students of Assumption Samutprakarn School in Thailand who were studying short term program at Narita Japanese Language School visited Inzai city from 17th to 19th Oct in 2013.They paid a courtesy call on the mayor of Inzai city, played Kendo(Japanese fencing) at Imba Meisei Senior High School and joined the cooking class, made Japanese OBENTOU(lunch) with Thai residents in Inzai. During that time they stayed with the host families of the members of Inzai International Friendship Association(IIFA). On the last day,they enjoyed hiking at Sakura Kusabue-no-oka with the members of host families and IIFA. The term they stayed in Inzai city was short, however, they seemed to have had significant experiences with us.

(2013.12.01)Tea party

The tea party for exchanging the mutual cultures between foreign and Japanese residents was held by IIFA(Inzai City Friendship Association) at the Central public hall on December 1(Sunday), 2013. Twelve people including two from Australia and one from Jamaica joined the party and spent the enjoyable time by listening to the native speakers’ English and talking the topics about coffee or tea. Hereafter, we will hold the same kind of events which everybody can join with a light heart and would like you to join them.

(2013.11.10)Accept the home-stay of short-period-stayed foreign students

Fourteen students stayed in Japan to study at Tokyo Christian University from the end of August to the beginning of December. Three IIFA members accepted their home-stay on November 9 and 10. During the home-stay the students had various experiences with the host families and friends like attending the local festival, enjoying home party and shopping. Those experiences surely gave them pleasant memories.

(2013.09.25)Cooking class for Thai food

Thai food cooking class instructed by Thai woman was done at the Central public hall on September 25(Wednesday), 2013. The instructor picked up two menus: Spaghetti Keemao and Pumpkin boiled with coconut milk. Some stuff like prawns, green peppers, garlic chilli, kaffir lime leaves, kidney beans, baby corns, basil and so on were used for Spaghetti Keemao, which gave the food special taste and flavor. Pumpkin with coconut milk was not soup but a kind of dessert satisfied us when we tried to eat. The participants could cook well using rare flavored leaves and stone grinder in accordance with the proper instruction and enjoy leisurely tasting. The instructor’s husband made a good support to clean the tables and take away plates and we could spend an enjoyable time. At last, some participants expressed their wishes to take a next cooking class and asked “what to cook and when?”

(2013.08.27)Home-stay of students in Australia

Twelve people including seven students of Inzai junior high school visited the sister concern school located in suburban area of Melbourne, Australia from Aug.17 to 27. Both of the related people were looking forward to seeing each other again, because Australian students and teachers visited the Inzai high school in September last year and they already mutually got acquainted. The students, through home-stay, had the wonderful experiences and seemed to become interested in English or oversea world and be able to extend their own future possibility.

(2013.07.06)Tanabata, Yukata and river cruise

放映された「Tanabata, Yukata and river cruise」の様子

The event sponsored by IIFA was held on July 7(Saturday),2013. Due to the strong wind, the river cruise had to be given up, however, the participants in total twenty four enjoyed the Tanabata. The foreign residents wearing their favorite Yukata stared at the Tanabata decoration, looked for the narrow paper tablets written in advance their desires and wrote the additional ones on them at Kioroshi station. Though we went to see Kioroshi antique market, most of the shops were already closed because of the strong wind as well. In spite of the relatively no-good situation, they seemed to feel a hint of the Japanese traditional cultures and enjoy the half day in hot summer.