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Event 2017

(2017.12.25)The English Training Camp for Junior High School Students

On December 16, the English training camp for the junior high school students was held under the auspices of the Inzai City Education Board. The volunteers from our association attended the camp to assist the ALT’s to carry out the lessons smoothly. We will keep on supporting this program in hopes that it would enable young boys and girls to be citizens with interests in international friendship and understanding foreign cultures.

(2017.12.25)Christmas Party of The Ribbon Held

On December 13, a Christmas party was held by the Wednesday class members of the Japanese Language Learning Club “Ribbon”. A total of 36 people including students, their family and the teachers.

We all enjoyed the attractions performed by the groups, who learn together in the language class. One group sang a Christmas song in Japanese, English, and Korean. Other attractions included a riddles play and a magic show.

All the participants brought something to the party, like dishes of various countries. We all had very good time chatting and eating. At the meal, we had a rock-paper-scissors tournament for a special gift.

Then we exchanged Christmas presents at the end of the party. We sang a Christmas song in circle, while we keep passing a present to the next person. When the song ended, each participant got one present.

We all got a nice souvenir and great fun in the party.

日本語(にほんご)教室(きょうしつ)は市内(しない)5か所(5かしょ)の公民館(こうみんかん)で 毎週(まいしゅう)6回(6かい)開催(かいさい)されています。

(2017.11.01)“INZAI WORLD FEST 2017”WAS HELD.

On October 28, our cross cultural event, “Inzai World Fest 2017” was held in collaboration with Makinohara Matsuri, in hopes that our activities are better known to Inzai citizens through the participation in such a community festival.

In the drizzling weather condition due to approach of the Typhoon No.22, the Makinohara Matsuri was barely held, as desired by all the concerned.

Mr. Ichiro Miyama, representing our association, performed Iai, Japanese traditional martial arts, on the stage, to which a big applause was given by spectators.

We also opened a flea market for selling the goods that our association members have bought abroad for souvenirs. The matsuri visitors stopped by the market to look around and buy various items that are rare or uncommon to Japanese people. If the market were opened in good weather conditions, we believe that more purchases might have been seen.

From now on, we will continue holding the “Inzai World Fest” annually, desiring that it would be the best opportunity for the citizens of Inzai City to be more familiar with the people and culture of foreign countries.

(2017.10.25)Inzai World Fest 2017

Please come to our “Inzai World Fest 2017” which, for the first time, will be held in collaboration with Makinohara Matsuri (Festivsal).

We hope it will be a good opportunity for you to meet the people having interests in international friendship and cultural exchange in happy and joyful atmosphere of the community festival, enjoying various performances, meals and drinks at many booths.

Details of the event are as follows as an attached leaflet.

Time & Date: 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. October 28 (Saturday), 2017

[One of our members will perform Iai (Japanese traditional martial arts) at the stage at or about 11:30. ]

Place: Nishinohara Koen (Park), the site of Makinohara Matsuri

(10 minute walk from south exit of Inzai Mankinohara Station on Hokuso Line)

We look forward to seeing you at our booth.

(2017.08.07)”Let's Say Hello in World's Languages!" Held

As previously announced, the 2nd ”Let's Say Hello in World's Languages!" program was held at our Friendship Cafe on July 27, 2017. For the program, Ms. Rebecca Babirye from Republic of Uganda shared the culture and people of her country. She also introduced their traditional batik. The participants had a good time trying to exchange greetings in Uganda language and manner just learned from Ms. Babirye.

(2017.06.26)he New Program for our Friendship Cafe, “Let’s Say Hello in World’s Languages!”

At our Friendship Cafe on June 22, our new program “Let’s Say Hello in World’s Languages!” started. We planned this program for participants of the Friendship Cafe to better understand the people and culture of foreign countries through learning easy words and phrases used for greetings, self-introduction, etc. in each language. The program will be held occasionally at the Friendship Cafe taking up one respective language at each time.

We selected Thai as the first language at the Friendship Cafe on June 22. The participants all enjoyed the humorous sharing by a member speaker, who has lived in Thailand for nine years, of interesting stories about the language, custom and culture of this country of smiles.

At the next Friendship Cafe scheduled on July 27, a lady from Republic of Uganda, now living in Inzai City, will talk about the language used in her country. There is no doubt that it would be a good opportunity to know of people and things of the country that is not familiar to most of us. We look forward to seeing many participants.

(2017.03.13)A Bus Tour for International Friendship Was Held.

"Little Edo Experience: Touring the Historical Town of Sawara"
By Daniel Pettit"

On February 25, 2017, The Inzai City International Friendship Association went on a tour to the town of Sawara with 30 Inzai residents including those from Thailand, India, China, South Korea and America. The local and international residents partnered up during the tour and had great conversations.

The weather was perfect for walking around and visiting the rich history of Sawara dating to the Edo period. It's so historically authentic that it's also known as "Little Edo." The first stop was to Katori Shrine where we witnessed a marriage ceremony and met a talking bird in front of a dango shop.

Next on the tour was Little Edo where we visited many different shops, some of which are older than America as a nation. The Katori International Friendship Association made the tour really fun and were excellent at describing the history of Sawara. At the end we visited a Sake Brewery, the American and Indian students especially enjoyed the sake tasting afterwards. Overall, the Sawara tour was a fantastic opportunity for the local and international residents to experience the history of Old Japan in its fullest. We look forward to continuing to provide these friendship building opportunities to those in our community."