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Exchange Program

This program will offer a forum where foreign residents will promote mutual understanding through such events as dolls festival, star festival & boat cruising, satoyama hiking and bus tour, etc.

Program to help students deepen their understanding of foreign countries

Assist the exchange programs of local junior and senior high schools with foreign high schools. Foreign residents in the City and local Japanese citizen will visit primary, junior and senior high schools to teach on what a life and culture in foreign countries like.

Free Consultation for Foreign Residents living in Inzai City

Authorized Administrative Scrivener will comply with any consultation from the foreign residents in the City to give an advice thereby preventing them from legal and household troubles in their daily routines.
Venue: New Town Chuoh-Ekimae Chiiki Koryukan;
New Town Chuo-Ekimae Inzai City Local Exchange Public Hall
Application: Subject to reservation
Call City Office, Kikaku Seisaku-Bu; Planning & Policy Division,
Tel : 0476-42-5111 Ext. 473 for appointment.

Language Classes

Japanese Class RIBBON
English Class,Chinese Class,Korean Class

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