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Event 2020

(2020.11.24)Students of the Ribbon Participate in the Seminar for Elementary School Students

The 5 students of our Japanese language class “Ribbon” assumed lecturers of the seminar for cultural exchange which was held for students of Takino Elementary School on November 20.

They spoke in Japanese in confident manner to 76 students of the 5th grade about geography, climate, customs, food, culture, etc. of each of their home country, China, Vietnam, India, Belgium and U.K., and they, in return, learned from students of Takino Elementary School many things about Japanese culture.

We believe that both students of the Ribbon and Takino Elementary School had a very valuable time for understanding their own culture respectively.

(2020.11.24)Donation of Rice and Foodstuff to TCU

November 13, we visited Tokyo Christian University with rice in bags weighing 110 kilograms and some foodstuff that was donated by us to support the foreign students. Mr. Yoichi Yamaguchi, President of TCU, attended the delivery and expressed his warmest gratitude to us.

We are more than happy if our donation could be of great help to the students who are forced to stay in dorm due to spreading of COVID-19.

(2020.11.03)Participating in Inzai Civic Culture Festival

We, taking it as a good opportunity to introduce ourselves to the citizens, posted some photos showing our activities to the 25th Inzai Civic Culture Festival which are now held unusually on website due to COVID-19. Our photos appear from 3 minutes 57 seconds on at the following channel.

To enjoy other works submitted by the citizen, please visit Inzai City homepage.

(2020.10.06)Learners of “Ribbon” Attended the Meeting with Inzai City

4 learners of our Japanese language class “Ribbon” attended the meeting that was held by the Inzai City for the purpose of hearing the voices of foreign citizens on September 23, 2020. They shared frankly good and bad points they experienced in living in Inzai City, and what they expect to the City for better circumstances for foreign citizens. We hope that their opinions shared at the meeting will be applied to realization of multicultural society that the City desires.

(2020.10.05)Participated in Kioroshi-Eki Minami Antique Market

On October 3, we participated for the first time in the Kioroshi-Eki Minami Antique Market. Thanks to good weather on that day, many people visited the market which has now become a famous monthly event in the community of Kioroshi.

Among the visitors to our booth, we saw Mr. Masanao Itakura, Mayor of Inzai City and our Honorable Chairperson, a student from Indonesia, and those who are interested in studying at our foreign language class.

By participating in the market regularly from the next month on, we intend to make our booth a stronghold for international cultural exchange with foreign visitors to the market

Photo: H. Yoshihara, Chairperson (Right) and T. Kawakita, Vice Chairperson in our booth

(2020.10.05)Friendship Cafe reopened

Our Friendship Cafe that had been closed since February due to COVID-19 was reopened on September 24.

We had 13 participants in the venue where we displayed Japanese paper dolls that were recently donated by a citizen to our association. Those participants including an Australian and an American new comers had pleasant talks with joy of seeing again.

The Cafe will be held on those Thursdays, October 22 and November 26, but closed on December 24.

Our Latest Bulletin Issued

Attached please find the latest issue of Hiroba which, as the expanded version celebrating the 20th anniversary, contains the writings and photos posted by the members and students of our Japanese language class. While the Japanese version is only available now, we hope you enjoy reading of it.

(2020.09.14)Friendship Cafe will be held again on Sept. 24

We are pleased to invite you to our Friendship Cafe that will be reopened on Sept. 24, 2020, from 10:00 to noon, at the usual venue, 2nd Fl. Chuo Ekimae Chiiki Koryukan No.2.

For the special presentation, Japanese paper dolls will be exhibited. Those dolls were made by a late Inzai citizen and donated to us by her bereaved family.We hope that the participants will rediscover a delicate sense of beauty of Japanese craft arts.

The Friendship Cafe will be held with the special attention paid to physical distancing. We look forward to seeing you.

(2020.07.27)We Donated Rice to Tokyo Christian University

On July 22nd, 2020, we donated 110 kilograms of rice to Tokyo Christian University for aid to their foreign students who, away from home, are forced to stay in the dorm due to COVID-19.

The rice was grown by Ms. Chiyoko Hashimoto, one of directors of IIFA, at her field. She proposed to donate it to the foreign students of TCU. The rice was brought to the university by our directors with stuffed in 22 bags, each weighing 5 kilograms, so that every student can cook by him/herself in the situation that the student dining room is closed.

We, members of IIFA, would like to keep supporting the foreign students as far as possible.

(2020.04.13)Cancellation of Friendship Cafe

We regret to announce that our Friendship Cafe will not be held in May and June. Let’s pray for safety and health of each one. 

(2020.04.09)Activities Plan for 2020 Fiscal Year

Please be informed that we decided to cancel the 20th annual members meeting that was scheduled on May 23, 2020 due to the current critical situation of COVID-19.

We therefore will advise hereunder main activities we have planned for the period from April 1, 2020 to May 31, 2021 which was to be docketed for approval at the meeting.

〇Holding the special events celebrating the 20th anniversary of foundation

〇Free consultation for foreign residents

〇Holding the Friendship Café

〇Cooperation to the English training class for elementary school students

〇Holding cross cultural events, such as;

 Cooking experience of foreign foods

 Holding the Inzai World Fest

 Bus tour, etc.

〇Foreign language classes (English, Korean, Chinese)

〇Japanese language class

The above plans are subject to change due to spread of COVID-19.

(2020.03.30)Cancellation of Activities in April

As the result of closure of all public facilities of Inzai City, our following activities scheduled in April will be cancelled. For the activities in May and afterwards, please wait for our further information.

〇Japanese language class (Ribbon)

〇All classes of English, Korean and Chinese languages

〇Friendship Cafe

A Message from Chairperson on COVID-19

Dear IIFA Members, Japanese citizens and Foreign residents,

How are you, everybody?

Regrettably, COVID-19 keeps spreading all over Japan. In order to minimize the risk of transmission, I hope each of you takes such protective measures as frequent hand washing by soap or antiseptic, wearing a mask, gargling, avoiding non-essential outings, etc.

The correct information regarding COVID-19 can be obtained at the following sites.

1. Inzai City homepage (Available in English, Chinese, Korean languages)

2. Chiba Prefecture homepage in eight foreign languages)

In addition, Chiba International Center provides consultation services in Japanese, English, Chinese and Spanish languages at the telephone number, 043-297-2966.

The service is available on Monday to Friday, from 9 a.m. to noon, and from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

It is important for each person not to be misguided by false information, I appreciate if you would share the above information with your friends and foreign residents near you.

Lastly, I hope you are safe and healthy, and look forward to the earliest ending of this pandemic spread.


Hisao Yoshihara,

(2020.02.19)Our friendship Cafe of February and March will not be held.

We regret to announce that we have decided to cancel our Friendship Cafe scheduled on February 27 and March 26 respectively due to the current serious situation of infection spread of new coronavirus.

Hopefully, the Friendship Cafe will be held again on April 23.

(2020.02.05)We decided to halt “Inzai World Fest 2020”

Regrettably, we decided to call off our cultural exchange event, “Inzai World Fest 2020” that was scheduled on Feb. 8, in consideration of the serious situation that coronavirus infection is spreading worldwide.

We are sorry for those who applied for participation in the event, but believe this decision of cancellation will be understood favorably by all.

We look forward to holding the same event as soon as the end of infection is declared.