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Event 2018

(2018.12.25)Inzai World Fest 2018

Total 57 people participated in this event and had a good time. First of all, participants introduced themselves at every group since some of them didn’t know each other. Then, in the morning, we enjoyed the performances such as Nankin-tamasudare(one of the traditional street performances) including real experiences by participants and a violin performance.

Sushi, pizza and salad were prepared for lunch and we spent the lunch time with lively conversation in a friendly way.

In the afternoon, Inzai-ondo(local dance) and Cappore( one of the famous Japanese dances) were introduced followed by English-spoken Rakugo(comic storytelling) and Shishimai(Japanese lion dance). Enjoyably enough, we finished with all-participants-joined Inzai-ondo.

(2018.12.14)Participated in Dango Matsuri!

We, Inzai City International Friendship Association, participated in the Dango Matsuri (Festival)” held on November 24 and 25, 2018, as an exhibitor. We also held our own events, the presentations by an American and a Japanese lecturers on cross cultural understanding on 24th, and the flea market of foreign goods on 25th, which both drew many attendees.

(2018.12.14)From Coordinator of “International Friendship Cafe”

The Cafe of the month of November was held at the site of Dango Matsui from Nov. 24 to 25. For the special program of the Cafe, the presentations on cross cultural understanding were made by an American and a Japanese lecturers, and many audiences seemed inspired. (See pictures in the article of Dango Matsui)

The Cafe of January and February will be held on 24th and 28th respectively. Please come to see those who are interested in international friendship. For details, please click “International Friendship Cafe”.

(2018.10.29)Participation in “Walking Kioroshi Road Again”

The event was held on Oct. 20th as one of the memorial events for the reach of 100,000 population in Inzai City. Nine foreigners including international students participated and walked 5.5km around the historical sites near Kioroshi in the costume of the Edo period. Some members of IIFA went with them.

They looked difficult to walk in kimono in addition to fine weather which made them slightly sweaty, however, they enjoyed pork miso soup and a steamed bun after reaching a goal.

(2018.10.01)Kyudo Experience Class for Foreign People

Our Kyudo Experience Class for Foreign People was held on Sep. 22nd (Sat) with an assistance of Inzai City Kyudo Association. 30 people including 15 foreign people took part. They did not practice well first, but gradually got accustomed and cried out excitedly every time they hit the target. Some of them clenched their fist in triumph. The game between teams divided into Red and White, put them enthusiasm with their full spirits. It was impressive that they watched the ceremonial shoot with one target by three instructors with holding their breath.

(2018.08.13)Makinohara Festival

Makinohara Festival was held at Nishinohara park on Aug.4th. We appreciated two female high school students joined us. We opened the flea market with some folk crafts and books from foreign countries as well as last year. On the stage, an instructor of Japanese language played “Niko” to let the participants sing some dear songs.

(2018.07.31)Participated as a Volunteer Group in the Canadian Women’s National Softball Team Training Camp

The Team Canada visited Inzai City to hold a training camp from June 14 to 26. For the team, this is the third visit to Inzai City since 2016, and, as before, our association assisted the team and Inzai City as a volunteer group for interpretation at the occasions of reception party, practice games, players’ goodwill visits to elementary and junior high schools, etc.

(2018.07.31)From Coordinator of “International Friendship Cafe”

Our International Friendship Cafe (IFC) of July was held on 26th under pleasant and amicable atmosphere with an attendance of 12 including a Chinese couple and a newcomer. The next IFC will be held on September 27th, and we look forward to seeing more participants there

(2018.07.18)イIndian Cuisine Gathering

Twenty-seven people including an instructor and guests gathered on July 7th (Sat). We tried to cook chicken-curry, Chapati, Pulau and Chai instructed by an Indian female student in Japan.

In the middle of cooking she sang some songs. And participants other than Japanese came from India, Kenya, Nepal, and Korea, which made the gathering international. Thanks to those, we were able to enjoy the time.

(2018.02.02)Our New Year’s Party Was Held!

On January 27, our New Year’s Party was held at the Hotel Mark-1 CNT with an attendance of 70 citizens including many foreign residents in Inzai City. Participants had a good time in a friendly atmosphere with conversations with each other, and enjoyed Aikido demonstration and Recitation of poems(Shigin) as the performances introducing Japanese culture.